Zer0 26-Dec-17 02:49 PM
0:48 - Star Cursor doesn't become a hand in the beta.
1:40 - "6/100" Star Bits... Only in Purple Coin levels (in the final game) does the" X/100" counter appear (at least from memory).(edited)
1:55 - When collecting Star Bits they make a different sound from the final game.
Hudbus 26-Dec-17 02:58 PM
It is also unknown as to what collection 100 Star Bits did, as AFAIK nobody managed to do it on film.
Zer0 26-Dec-17 03:03 PM
3:40 - Tarantox looks a (star) bit differently colored here.
...When compared to the final game's depiction.
5:41 - the Beta's HUD (hehe) pops in and... yeah there are differences when compared to the final's HUD. (If I could find a shot of the final's HUD...)
Hudbus 26-Dec-17 03:09 PM
am I a pet now what
Also I completely forgot this boss existed. May as well boot up Galaxy again...
Zer0 26-Dec-17 03:10 PM
LuL. Good idea.
Sad Mavis AI 26-Dec-17 03:12 PM
Yeah it's one of the least memeorable bosses in all of Galaxy.
Zer0 26-Dec-17 03:13 PM
5:43 - The music playing when collecting a star is (instead of what we got in the final game) an orchestral rendition of when Mario reaches the flagpole in Super Mario Bros. (and the text is different).(edited)
Metalex1234 26-Dec-17 04:27 PM
better picture?