Zer0 26-Dec-17 03:16 PM
1:04 is when Super Mario Galaxy is featured.
You're welcome.

1:15 - Shouldn't this be "Welcome to the Galaxy" instead? Also is this entire world featured anywhere in the final game of Galaxy?(edited)
I can't remember for the life of me.
Zer0 26-Dec-17 04:02 PM
1:47 - Unused Bell and Star Cursor icons.(edited)
2:00 - The hunt continues.
2:06 - An unused music note counter.
...and (I want to say) the sound they make when collected is changed in the final game.
2:21 - A different 1UP icon, perhaps? 👀
Metalex1234 26-Dec-17 04:08 PM
yes it's a different 1up icon
and I don't remember ever seeing a bell in mario galaxy
Zer0 26-Dec-17 04:12 PM
3:04 - You can't collect a Star B- I mean Shard in this build without using the Cursor (as they'll bounce around from Mario).
3:50 - Hunt continues (again).
Metalex1234 26-Dec-17 04:13 PM
(is your video just the same as galaxy3? cause right now all of the changes you've said are the same as in galaxy3, but with more changes)
Zer0 26-Dec-17 04:13 PM
I'm starting to believe...
Beta got explainin to do. 👀(edited)
But I do remember seeing a Bell in Super Mario 3D World... No?
Metalex1234 26-Dec-17 04:19 PM
bells are everywhere in 3d world lol
Zer0 27-Dec-17 11:41 AM
Note: throughout the video the Star Cursor, which is different here, changes from full yellow [standard] to flashing red outline [which stays on the edge of the screen, signaling the Wiimote pointer is out of range] and has a blue trail.(edited)
AwesomeMario128 30-Dec-17 12:54 PM
2:14 - No glow around 1-up mushroom
2:06 - Note counter