Sad Mavis AI 04-Feb-18 01:31 PM
0:02 - This screen never appears in the final game. Likely only here because of the demo test. Note that in the final game the Copyright is of 2007 Nintendo instead of 2006 Nintendo.
0:04 - Mario does not start this level within a bubble in the final game.
0:05 - Text saying "Point at Mario and press the B Button!" not present in the final game. I don't recall Mario ever being able to be popped from a bubble in this fashion at all in the final game, to be honest. (I know there are the pull-star bubbles, but those behave differently than what is shown here)

A timer appears at the bottom of the screen saying that you have 10 minutes to play. This is not present in the final game and was likely also added for the sake of the demo.

Additionally, the bottom righthand corner shows a tutorial image of a person pressing B on the Wii Controller. This all likely exists because of the demo as well. (Screenshot because glare makes it hard to see:
0:09 - 0:55 - You don't play any of this when you start level one within the final game. In the final game, you start at 0:55

0:09 - In the final build, the game says "Welcome to the Galaxy!" instead of the beta's "Welcome to the Star World!"
0:26 - Upon getting close, toads display a ❕ and then say their message. The noise made is also different than in the final.
In the final, NPCs either say their message as soon as you get close, or you have to press the A button to talk to them. They also tend to make some sort of noise that they would actually say instead of a "beep" sound.
0:10 - I feel like noting that this area looks somewhat similar to the first level of Super Mario Galaxy 2, albeit not identical. Perhaps there may be a connection, but this is totally speculation.
First Level of Super Mario Galaxy Demo:
Couple of Screenshots of the First Level of Super Mario Galaxy 2:
Sad Mavis AI 04-Feb-18 02:14 PM
0:53 - Huge difference between the beta and the final in this one.

Two Star Bunnies are present
House is different (looks more like a real house?) By extension, stuff that is on top of the final house in the final game is missing too
No Octoobas present (the blue squid-like enemies)
Tree is a pine tree instead of the more "steryotypical" tree shape from the final
Green pipe near the left bridge missing; right bridge made of wood instead of stone
Ground texture appears to be different than the final (more grassy instead of spotted)
Mario does not get movement locked when he lands; there is no screen shake either, and he doesn't make a pose. He does not land on a stone slab either.
The flower beds, stone slab, and bushes appear to be in different locations than the final.
Stump near the pine tree is missing in the final game.
A galaxy that is normally behind the house and to the left also appears to be missing.
Ranom pillar junk floating around to the right are missing in the final game.

0:58 - Toad that is here is missing in the final game. (Also showcases the exclamation thing I was talking about earlier)
1:01 - It is not shown if the Star Bunnies can be caught in this or not. However, at 1:06 one of the Starlight Bunnies is shown to turn into a Toad, which never happens in the final game.
1:04 - In the final build there is a Luma here (that transforms into a Sling Star) and a Warp Star. In the Beta there's a Pull star and a Sling Star.
1:09 - This tip calls the Warp Stars "Blue Stars" and uses a rather strange icon for the B button. This is obviously unlike the final game.

Sad Mavis AI 21-Mar-18 07:44 AM
(Hard to capture it all in one shot so hopefully this series of pictures shows it well)
Zer0 04-May-18 08:35 PM
1:35 - Upon getting blindsided by a Goomba of all things, the health meter is shown to have 8 units ("7" after the hit of course) instead of the 3 (or 6 upon getting a special mushroom) in the final game.(edited)
Here is the final default HP meter for comparison.
Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 12:50 PM
Heads up: The E3 Floor Demo Video matches up most cloesly with Good Egg Galaxy's "Dino Piranha" level for the first half of the level and then it switches to match up most cloesly with Good Egg Galaxy's "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet".

Where the transition between the levels occurs I will be comparing the E3 Footage to both levels, but in the sections where it is clearly one level or the other I will only compare the E3 footage to its respective level counterpart in the final game.
Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 01:02 PM
1:15 - After using the Launch Star above, the E3 Footage has a Starbit formation follow the trail so that you could capture them.

The place where Mario launches from is more similar to "Dino Piranha" but where he lands is more similar to "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet". Due to this brief period being a "transition period" of sorts I will compare this part of the footage to both levels.

In the final version of Dino Piranha this trail does not exist where you launch at. This feature is present elsewhere in the game, however, just not specifically here.

In the final version of King Kaliente's Battle Fleet this trail also does not exist. As was previously stated, the feature does exist elsewhere in the game though, just not specifically here.
After this point the E3 Demo matches up with King Kaliente's Battle Fleet instead of Dino Piranha. Comparisons will only be between the E3 demo and King Kaliente's Battle Fleet from this point onwards.
1:19 - Due to collecting the Star Bits that followed the trail in the E3 footage, you can see the Star Bit counter in the bottom left corner here. It's different from the final version. (E3 Footage Starbit Counter)

The final version of the Star Bit Counter is in the bottom right corner and is not "Starbits / 100". It instead just gives the number of Star Bits collected in that level.
( Final HUD: )
Where you land at and the layout of the planet you land on is also different between the E3 footage and the final.

Where you land in E3:

Where you land in the Final:
The E3 Footage features a planet where..
> The crates are significantly darker than the final version.
> Toad is already free. He is also Blue instead of Purple. (I think?)
> Toad is in a slightly different location than in the final.
> There are no Thorny Flowers in the E3 version.
> There are more crates and coconuts in the E3 version, despite the lack of Thorny Flowers. The crates don't appear to be placed where Thorny Flowers would've been either.
> There are no water patches around the planet.
> The sling star is already unlocked instead of hidden in a Large Thorny Flower.
Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 02:04 PM
1:28 - There are differences on the second planet as well.

> The exact location that you land in is slightly different.
In the E3 Footage Mario lands behind a sling star located on the second planet. This is probably so players wouldn't immediately launch themselves back to the previous planet by accident.

In the Final Version said sling star doesn't exist; after Mario leaves the first planet there is no going back. Due to this Mario can land in the middle of the square in the ground.
> The Goomba appears to spawn closer to the sling star in the E3 Footage. It can be seen immediately going for Mario whereas Mario has to move somewhere to reach the Goomba's detection range in the Final.
> The Second Planet in the E3 Footage is missing water patches and Thorny Flowers just like the first planet was.
1:33 The Large Pokey at the top of the Second Planet appears to spawn later in the E3 Footage than in the Final Game. It can be seen here idling in the ground until Mario is nearly on top of it in the E3 Footage....

...Whereas in the final the Large Pokey comes up much sooner (when Mario is roughly half of the Second Planet's distance away from him).

Despite this, the camera appears use the same trigger threshold to focus the camera on the Large Pokey in both builds of the game (meaning that the camera will focus on the Large Pokey before he even pops up from the ground in the E3 Build).
1:46 - After defeating the Large Pokey, a Sling Star spawns on the ground that launches Mario to a Launch Star in the E3 Footage.

In the Final Build, only a Launch Star spawns.
1:46 - 1:57 It may also be worth noting that the camera angles used when (and while!) launching from the Launch Star are different between these two builds..

The E3 Build uses several different camera angles during the actual flying part of the launch. There also appears to be some sort of quiet beat or music or something during the launch in the background that isn't in the final game.

There also is a Starbit Trail following Mario during the launch, which is not seen in the final.

E3 Initial Camera Angle:

Final Initial Camera Angle:

E3 Flight:

Final Flight:

1:52 This planet with the sling star in the bottom right is only shown for a brief time in the E3, but it's clearly unfinished. The two Chain Chomps seen on this planet in the final build are missing and the Green Warp Pipe also appears to be missing.

How it looks in the Final Build:
There's a lot of clutter / decor that is different throughout these but for the most part I've been ignoring them due to the lack of a good way to compare them or even footage of it for the most part.

However, at 1:55 while using the Sling Star to get to the next planet, there are several skinny rocks in the E3 Footage that are not there in the Final Build. Just figured I may as well point out an easy one.


Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 03:30 PM
The layout of the next planet is different between the E3 and Final Builds.

E3 Top View:

Final Build Top View:
Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 06:05 PM
> In the E3 version you don't land quite in the center, unlike the Final.
> The positions of the rocks and goombas appears to be slightly altered.
> There's the skinny rocks in the E3 version whereas there's a ship in the Final version.
> Coins and little rock circles and the hole have different placements as well.
> The lasers have different locations for the gaps between the two versions.
2:08 - There are several minor differences here between the E3 Build and the Final Build.
> There are no coins on the blocks in the E3 Build. They are all close to the tower instead. (The opposite is true in the Final Build)

> The Launch Star is already free from the crystal in the E3 version whereas it is trapped in the Final.

> Two Octoombas are missing on the staircase to the Launch Star.


2:11 - Some changes to the Staircase can be seen here.

> The bottom stone slab is missing in the E3 build
> Two Octogoombas are still missing, as previously mentioned.
> The smaller set of stairs near the top are designed differently in the E3 version than in the Final version.

E3 Footage:

Final Build:
You can also see here that the Health and Coin meters are different than the final. The coin meter has a different sprite and orientation (straight in the bottom right in the final instead of slanted in the top left in the E3 Footage). The health meter has eight slices instead of the three slices used in the final game. The "LIFE" text has a different appearance in the final as well (the F isn't sticking way out above the rest of the text).
Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 07:04 PM
2:30 - 2:44 Upon arrival to the ships there are several noticable changes.

>There is no music change in the E3 version while there is one in the Final version.

> In the E3 Build there are two crates on the right. In the final there are three crates and they are sitting on a platform.

> There is a decorative door on the right in the E3 Footage that is not seen in the Final Build of the game

> There is a toad sitting in the far back right of the ship. In the final there is a toad frozen in a crystal up on the upraised second level on the right side of the ship.

> Up by the ship's steering wheel there are two coins in the Final Build, whereas there appears to be nothing collectable in the E3 Build.

> The camera does not change to show the bridge falling down after defeating the two Octopuses in the Final Build. A screenshot below shows it happening in the E3 Build.



> The Black Hole is noticibly closer than in the Final Build.
> There are four giant barrels in the E3 build instead of just two in the Final Build.
> The barrels containing the Octopuses are not removed when they die, unlike the Final version.


2:49 There are four coins on the second ship that are not there in the Final Build.


2:50 The layout of the second ship is different in the Final Build when compared to the E3 Build.

> The stairs are right against the framing of the ship in the E3 Build. There is a gap between the framing and the stairs in the Final Build.

Also, the camera tries to point at the stairs, so the camera turns much more sharply in the E3 version than in the Final version.
(This is not shown very well here for the sake of getting as much as I can in one shot, but this can be seen if you compare the Final Game with the E3 Footage)

> The stairs are wider in the Final Build than they are in the E3 Build.

> Where the stairs are in the Final Build there is another decorative doorway in the E3 Build.

> There is an extention to the ship on the far side of it. It holds a crate containing a Life Mushroom. This is not present in the E3 Build; in the E3 Build there is simply a regular edge to the ship.

E3 Screenshot:

Final Screenshot:
At several points (like 2:54) Mario can collect coins by swinging nearby them in the E3 Footage. This isn't possible to do in the Final.
2:56 Mario's sideflip sounds different than the final version. Many of Mario's sounds are different than the how they are in the Final Build, but I don't have a lot of them marked.(edited)

The general layout of the rest of the ship is different too.

> There are only two Octogoombas instead of the four seen in the Final version.
> There is clearly one set of stairs that Mario is meant to take on the second level, whereas there are two in the Final Build.
> The very top of the ship is higher in the E3 footage than in the Final. (In essence, the ship is taller.)


Final Build:
3:15 At the second ship's wheel there is a Sling Star that Mario has to jump to in the E3 Footage. In the Final there is a Launch Star on the ground that Mario must break out of a crystal instead.


3:16 - 3:20
The camera changes when Mario uses the Launch Star in the Final but does not change when he uses the Sling Star in the E3 Footage.


Sad Mavis AI 11-Jul-18 08:01 PM
3:20 - 3:24

In the E3 version, Luma is not around to tell you about King Kaliente up ahead or being able to obtain coins from lights on the ground in an optional conversation. The lights aren't even there in the E3 Footage anyhow.

Luma and the gold coin lights are present in the Final Build.


Slightly obscure but walking around on the part of the ground with a pattern makes a metal noise just like the rest of the bottom surface in the E3 Footage, but walking on those parts in the Final Build yields a sound slightly like high heels on tile.
3:38 The three crystals containing starbits are missing from the E3 version of the King Kaliente boss fight.


King Kaliente functions slightly differently in the E3 Footage.

> His initial pattern is to shoot one set of three fireballs and then two sets of a singular coconut. This pattern will loop until King Kaliente is damaged.

Mario is to knock the coconuts back at King Kaliente until King Kaliente doesn't deflect it and takes damage.

Initially, King Kaliente would deflect the coconut twice in a row before finally taking damage. (Whereas in the Final he doesn't deflect anything at all initially) This damage would also knock off his crown, unlike the Final Build (where King Kaliente needs to take two damage before his crown falls off).

Once his Crown falls off in the E3 Footage, King Kaliente will spawn Fire Bubbles (which appear to be Red instead of the Blue they are in the Final Build). He will then act just as he did before.

Landing a second hit on King Kaliente will defeat him. He will drop a Power Star and the demo will end. The song played while collecting the power star (5:18) is different than the one played in the Final Build of the game.
The text for collecting the Power Star is different between the two versions of the game.

In the E3 version, the text is all white and in all caps. However, the text is green and mostly lowercase in the Final version. There are also more particle effects in the Final.


Finally, there is a end screen where Mario can be heard saying "Thank you so much-a for-a playing my game!". This obviously was just for the E3 Floor Demo.