Hudbus 27-Jun-18 01:25 PM
0:02 Logo is Different
0:16 The Whispering Rock camp sign instead reads "Whispering Pines"
It is also in a different position on the map, seemingly in the camp's forest, and has an overall completely different design than the final.(edited)
The map from 0:21 to 0:38 appears to be a modified version of the map Raz first sees Dr. Loboto in. It's a bit hazy though, this could be wrong.
Starting st 0:41 different PSI abilities are shown. They all have slightly different textures and lighting from the final, however they all appear to be functioning similar to the final.
Telekenesis is attatched to Raz's head, unlike in the final where it is a disembodied hand.
Shown at 0:41
At 0:43 a different activation animation and Invisibility model are shown.
Shown at 0:43
oh whoops
Map Snaps are done throughout this part of the video as well, the same clip at 0:43 is showcasing what appears to be a portion of Meat Circus. Too vague to pinpoint. There are others that either are seemingly no different from the final, or are just impossible to determine.(edited)
At 0:45 Raz is seen running from a different version of the Censor enemy, however strangely without his goggles on. In the Final Raz always has his goggles on whenever he's inside someone's mind, and Censors only show up inside minds, making this situation impossible in the final. The texture on said Censor appears to match with an unidentifiable enemy seen at 0:42.(edited)
At 0:47 a slightly different version of PSI Levitation is shown. Functionality appears to be no different from the final, only change is visual.
Hudbus 27-Jun-18 01:46 PM
For a brief moment at 0:49 a pickup, or a HUD icon relating to a pickup not seen in the final shows up. Purpose unknown.
Possibly an early version of arrowheads?
At 0:50 Raz pulls off what appears to be a combination of the ground slam and pyrokenesis. I can't recall any such move being in the final.(edited)
That's it from me, it's all I can see.